[X-Unix] Sending Commands to Apple External USB Modem

Rick Gordon rick at rickgordon.com
Mon Jan 7 01:22:47 PST 2008

Can someone point me in the direction of how to send raw commands to an Apple External USB Modem (v. 92)?

Mainly, I would like to be able to tell the modem to go on hold indefinitely.

Information on <https://modemsite.com/56k/v92c.asp> lists the following command sequence:

	To make an outgoing call while holding your Internet connection:

	AT+PMHR - response will be value from above chart - server starts timer

	AT+PMHF - your modem does a hook flash; gives you dial-tone on extension phone plugged into modem; You can place your call. When finished and you hang up, the line will RING.

But I'm not sure how to send commands to the modem. (Back in Classic days, with a serial modem, I would have used an application such as HyperTerminal or DataComet, but I've lost touch with how to communicate with an external USB modem under OS X.)

Thanks in advance.


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