[X4U] iMac G4's not waking up

Jerry Krinock jerry at ieee.org
Mon Dec 13 19:29:43 PST 2004

Sometimes, when I open the lid of my Powerbook G4, which should cause it to
wake, the sleep light extinguishes, but the screen remains dark.  The
workaround is to close the lid, wait for the sleep light to come on, and
then open the lid; that is, to wake put it back to sleep and then wake it up

on 04/12/13 16:40, Spoolman Nancy at nanc at spoolman.com wrote:

> We have a lab of iMac G4/800/Combo's that are steadily getting worse in
> not waking up once they go to sleep. They are also locking up when the
> teacher has the student logout. Has anyone else come across this and
> could it be the battery? We bouth them in the spring of 2003. They had
> Jaguar and when Panther came, we upped them to Panther. It's been a
> gradual thing with the sleep issues.
> Nanc
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