[X4U] Re: Require Password to Wake From Sleep

lists3-200402 lists3-200402 at verizon.net
Fri Dec 17 19:08:46 PST 2004

>System Preferences > Security has a single checkbox to specify whether or
>not a password is required when waking from sleep.  Well, there are some
>times each day (when my powerbook will be locked somewhere out of my sight)
>that I would like this to be checked.  But there are other times (when it's
>on my desk at home and needs to wake to perform automatic backups at 5:00
>AM) when I would like it to be un-checked.  I have requested that Apple add
>a feature to easily change this.  My options are:
>1.  Wait til Apple responds (Do any of you developers know if Tiger has
>anything like this?)
>2.  Assuming this is stored as a preference in a .plist file somewhere,
>write a script to check/uncheck it.  (Does anyone know where it is, I can't
>find it).
>3.  I understand that ApplesScript now supports a kind of GUI scripting that
>might be able to check/uncheck this box.  Maybe the latest QuicKeys could do
>it too.
>I'd appreciate any ecommendations, please.
>Jerry Krinock
>San Jose, CA   USA

would this help?

keychain access > view > show status in menubar > lock screen

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