[X4U] Help with MPEG-4 and iMac

B.ru c-e € K1u-tch-k0 AppleRocket at NoSpamMail.net
Fri Dec 17 21:19:02 PST 2004

On 12/15/04 7:01 PM, "Neil" <Lists at mac.com> wrote:

> Bruce, have you at least gotten to the point where you can view these videos
> in Quicktime Player?  I'm thinking of getting one of those camcorders from
> Target too and it will be  worth the $88 to me if I can it to play in QT.
> VCD or MPEG4 CD would be icing on the cake.
So far, they play really well in the free VLC player. But not in Quicktime.
I'm copying to VHS right now to play on the TV, but I'm trying different
formats to see if my DVD player can show them from a CD.
B-r-u -c-e

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