iTrip usage in the DFW metroplex area

mac2 mac2 at
Mon Jul 12 18:57:17 PDT 2004

I have just purchased my first iPod (3rd gen), and with it, an iTrip FM 
transmitter as my vehicle only has a radio + CD player.  I live/work in the DFW 
(Dallas/Fort Worth) metroplex area.  As I would suspect in any large urban area, 
there is not a lot of unused frequencies in the FM radio area.

Currently, I have found a couple of places to tune my iTrip to that works ok, 
but nothing exceptionally well.  Short of spending the night out in my car 
driving around to find the perfect place to tune my iTrip too, I am hoping for 
some feedback from DFW area iTrip users in hopes that I won't have to 'reinvent 
the wheel'.

TIA for any feedback,

Jerry K

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