[X4U] itunes Library Assistance

Richard Smykla rsmykla at verizon.net
Mon Jul 26 16:22:42 PDT 2004

Be Careful, revDave.

Don't forget that by default your music library is now going to your 
User folder on the boot disk or partition of your HD. If you're 
getting into the last couple of GB of space, you run the potential 
risk of trashing your system as the HD struggles to find empty space 
for both your library and  its VM swap space.

Your 'slower and slower' comment sounds ominous, and could be due to 
the predicament I've described above.

Hopefully you've already ruled this potential problem out, but if 
not, a word to the wise. . . .


>  I could use a little bit of help with iTunes.
>In the past I have kept my music outside of the iTunes folder,  and I have
>in the past unchecked the choice = copy files into my iTunes music folder
>when adding to library...
>  now I want to cleanup all my music, so...
>- I'm starting with a fresh copy of my library (I  erased everything and
>totally cleaned it out)...
>- I checked the choice = copy files to iTunes music folder
>-  now I can drag and drop all my songs from their remote hard drive
>locations into the library and it will make one master copy of everything
>- *SLOWER and SLOWER*: the first batch I did went very fast - now the new
>ones (over 900...) are going very very slowly -  and appears that the larger
>the database gets the slower it goes... Is there any way to speed this
>process up?
>- are there any cool tricks for finding and deleting duplicate songs?
>- are there any other tricks that can help me set up my Master Library?
>Thanks - RevDave
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