[X4U] Mac OCR

Randy B. Singer randy at macattorney.com
Tue Jul 27 11:23:56 PDT 2004

Jan Melichar said:

>I too had been using OmniPage in OS9 and would be happy to upgrade but 
>cannot get any sense from ScanSoft as to whether it will work with my 
>scanner (Epson Perfection 3200) It's not listed on their website which 
>also invites enquiry about more recent scanners but will they answer my 

You know, I don't see that as a big concern.  

I can't tell you which scanners OmniPage will drive.  In fact, I can't 
even tell you if OmniPage can directly drive my current scanner, because 
I've never tried it.  But it really don't matter much.  I just use the 
driver software that came with my scanner to perform scans.

OmniPage can open and perform OCR on standard TIFF, PICT, and even PDF 
files, etc.  So in a real sense, OmniPage is compatible with any scanner 
that is compatible with your Macintosh.  You just may have to spend an 
extra second or two to drag the icon of the scan onto OmniPage's icon 
rather than being able to perform the scan in OmniPage itself.

Randy B. Singer
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