[X4U] WiFi question

Dennis/Vicki Allwardt vallwardt at mac.com
Fri Jun 17 08:18:15 PDT 2005

I have been reading all the posts about wireless hacking with interest, 
having just set up a D-Link wireless router on my iMac ethernet so that 
I can use my iBook elsewhere in the house.

Most of what is posted is over my head, but I keep reading, knowing 
that some will sink in or make sense.  How is it that Smith Micro and 
others advertise the WiFi finder?  Are these free and non password 
protected?  When in NY a few days last month, I turned on Airport and 
had a choice of about three wireless connections, none of which were 
hosted by the hotel I was in.  All I did was click and connect.  When I 
was in Florida in April, someone in my daughter's neighborhood had a 
Linksky which I was able to connect to as well.  I did set up a 
password on my D-Link, but the iBook doesn't seem to need it when I 
open and turn on Airport.  Does this mean anyone can connect to my 

When driving through Sacramento, there are various wireless networks 
showing on Airport, but all seem to need a password.  Is it worth while 
to buy a WiFi finder?

Vicki Allwardt
vallwardt at mac.com

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
             -- Thomas Merton, 'No Man Is an Island'
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