[X4U] IChat Suggestions? - And wireless router for iChat?

James Jones jsjones at mac.com
Thu Jun 23 15:24:07 PDT 2005

Apple only provides the latest iChat with 10.4; it's not available as  
a d/l. There are four ways to use iChat 3.: .Mac, Jabber, AIM and  
"Bonjour"/Rendezvous. The latter works only on a LAN/WAN, so you can  
cross that off. Jabber will only work if you both have Tiger (afaik),  
so you're limited to .Mac or AIM. It used to be the case that when  
you signed up for a .Mac trial account, your ID continued to work  
with iChat after the end of the trial period. You might give that a  

As for the non-Apple wireless, iChat uses IP, not AppleTalk, so if  
your router works at all, it should work for messaging.

On Jun 23, 2005, at 12:49 PM, Rod Duncan wrote:

> Do I need to upgrade to Tiger to take advantage of the latest  
> iChat? Do we need .mac accounts or can we iChat AV without? Prefer  
> something free and not AOL.
> I am using an old MacSense router and Airport (both 1st  
> Generation). I purchased her a "on sale" wireless router from  
> TRENDnet (model TEW-431BRP) Bought myself one, too - as it was so  
> cheap.  $25 after rebates. I know Apple has a list of approved  
> routers with the proviso that others may work. Anyone using this  
> wireless router iChatting? Suggestions to use iChat with routers,  
> settings, URL links etc. much appreciated.

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