[X4U] Help with MPEG-4 and iMac

Neil Lists at mac.com
Tue Mar 1 11:25:36 PST 2005

on 12/18/04 12:19 AM, B.ru c-e €K1u-tch-k0 wrote:

> On 12/15/04 7:01 PM, "Neil" <Lists at mac.com> wrote:
>> Bruce, have you at least gotten to the point where you can view these videos
>> in Quicktime Player?  I'm thinking of getting one of those camcorders from
>> Target too and it will be  worth the $88 to me if I can it to play in QT.
>> VCD or MPEG4 CD would be icing on the cake.
> So far, they play really well in the free VLC player. But not in Quicktime.
> I'm copying to VHS right now to play on the TV, but I'm trying different
> formats to see if my DVD player can show them from a CD.

Bruce, do you have anything new to report?  Thanks.

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