[X4U] iChat error

Brett Conlon brett_conlon at sonymusic.com.au
Wed Mar 2 22:50:39 PST 2005


My mum has been given both a .mac name and an AIM name but when we set up 
either account in the prefs and she tries to double click on my name in 
her iChat buddy list she receives the below error.

iChat Internal Error!
NSConcreteMutableAttributedString addAttribute:
value:range:: nil value

I see her become active/inactive in my buddy list when she logs in and out 
(under both accounts). When I try initiating a message it seems to be 
working at my end (no errors) but she doesn't receive anything at her end.

I did receive a request to audio chat but I declined it because we were 
Skyping at the time trying to set up her iChat. Perhaps that may not have 
worked either.

Any thoughts?

btw, She's just moved over to broadband.



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