[X4U] Firewire or USB 2

Allan Rube ¹ allan at nhbungalow.com
Fri Mar 4 08:34:31 PST 2005

My old firewire drive is dead. I have a G4 dual with usb 1 and Firewire 400.

I could get a firewire drive for $200 or for the same price buy a usb 2
drive (same size) and a 4 usb 2 card to install in my Mac.

Is there any disadvantage of going the usb 2 route? It seems that way I
could use the drive when I go visit my son who has a pc.

Is it a simple plug and play (no software) for the usb card (I was looking
at a store brand card at CompUSA.


Allan   Nashua, New Hampshire
homepage: www.nhbungalow.com

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