[X4U] Re: Looking For A Good Black-and-white Laser Printer

Randy B.Singer randy at macattorney.com
Wed Mar 9 11:25:11 PST 2005

Richard Gilmore said:

>But they only work if you have serial port? 
>I have a very old Laserwriter I
>haven't hooked it up yet I was going to run it from an old OS9 machine. Also
>can you still buy toner cartridges for them and are there serial to USB
>adapters that would work?

An old Apple LaserWriter can be made to work with a modern Mac if 
*either* the LaserWriter has an Ethernet connection (Which, I'm afraid, 
is rare for Apple LaserWriters.  Only the 630 and 16/600 had one.) or if 
you use a LocalTalk to Ethernet adapter.

Every a LocalTalk to Ethernet adapter that I know of has been 
discontinued, but  you can still find them for sale.  The two most 
popular were the one from Asante, and a much better one from Farallon 
(now known as Proxim). The one from Asante was problematic, and I 
recommend that it be avoided.

Proxim/Farallon iPrint Adapter LT  

Note: Each LocalTalk printer connected via an EtherMac iPrint LT to your 
Macintosh requires a PhoneNET Connector.   You can get a PhoneNet 
connector for only $2.50 here:

That said, I think that purchasing this adapter is a waste of money.  You 
can purchase a brand new Brother HL-1440 laser printer, that's faster, 
and which prints at a higher resolution, and which comes with a warranty, 
for not much more money.  

Randy B. Singer
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