[X4U] Publisher files on Mac

Paul Moortgat paul.moortgat at pandora.be
Fri Mar 11 08:18:36 PST 2005

I fyou can save the files as a PDF instead of Publisher, you're off the 

Paul Moortgat

On 11 Mar 2005, at 16:31, Randy Jamerson wrote:

> Another thing you may want to consider.
> About 40% of our work is PC.  All of our operators have Macs and PC's. 
>  We
> never convert files cross platform.  (PC Quark stays PC Quark, PC 
> InDesign
> stays PC InDesign).
> Although it is possible for printers to convert many files cross 
> platform,
> you are probably spending a lot of labor hours fixing font reflows and 
> other
> problem that happen when you convert PC to Mac.
> You could probably justify the cost of a PC and related software based 
> on
> the labor you would save, the accuracy and the fact that you could 
> actually
> return files to your customers that they could open.  (I know of many
> printers who convert their customers files to Mac, edit them, and then
> cannot give a usable file back to their customer).
> You know what kind of work you get, but for us, it would be terribly
> inefficient for us to try to convert everything to Mac "just because 
> it is
> possible" and because we hate the PC  (which we do, by the way).
> On 3/11/05 9:16 AM, "Samantha Cornell" <samantha at netresults.biz> wrote:
>> Randy,
>> You are right, it is not an expensive program, but the entire
>> PC/Publisher setup is cost prohibitive, when considering that the only
>> benefit that I would gain would be the ability to open Publisher 
>> files.
>> Maybe someday, but as a sole proprietor, I just can't justify it.
>> Thanks...
>> Samantha
>> On Mar 11, 2005, at 10:14 AM, Randy Jamerson wrote:
>>> Pagemaker PC has a Publisher converter.  If you know someone with
>>> Pagemaker
>>> PC, you could have them convert it and then you could open the
>>> Pagemaker
>>> file on the Mac. Of course, it's probably going to cause the file to
>>> reflow
>>> and look nothing like it did in Publisher.
>>> There is no way to open Publisher directly on a Mac.  If you want to
>>> support
>>> that file type, you need to buy a PC and Publisher.  It is not an
>>> expensive
>>> program.
>>> On 3/10/05 10:06 PM, "Samantha Cornell" <samantha at netresults.biz>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Does anyone know how to open Publisher files on a Mac?  I have a
>>>> client
>>>> that emailed me a file, last minute, and needs something done ASAP,
>>>> but, of course, the darn file is in Publisher.  IT appears that they
>>>> do
>>>> not actually have Publisher, so they do not have the ability to 
>>>> export
>>>> the file as a different format.
>>>> Is there any solution?  I'm guessing that Pages does not open
>>>> Publisher
>>>> files either...I don't have it (yet) but if it will do this...I 
>>>> would
>>>> be inclined to purchase it now.
>>>> Otherwise, is there any other solution?
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Samantha

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