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Mon Mar 14 20:35:04 PST 2005

Hi all

Just discovered that Firefox does FTP. My son just sent me a file and lo and
behold Firefox worked like a charm

Don Grant

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> Subject: Re: [X4U] Ftp with Safari
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> Thanks Eddie, I did as you said. Yes, RCDefaultApp is a free preference pane
> available from:
> http://www.rubicode.com/Software/RCDefaultApp/
> Which I found on Version Tracker.
> Allan
> Eddie Hargreaves wrote:
>> No, Safari doesn't support FTP. It hands it off to the Finder, which only
>> sort of handles FTP. Specifically, it mounts the server as a remote volume
>> and allows you read-only access.
>> If you use Transmit for FTP, I suggest you change your system's ftp://
>> protocol setting using RCDefaultApp, which I'm pretty certain can be
>> downloaded via VersionTracker.

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