[X4U] Re: Address Book version 4.2.6 Replacement

Mark Gibson gibsonm at bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 20 15:15:21 PST 2005

At 16:50 -0500 20/3/05, Scott Phillips wrote:
>>I've been using Now Contact, it does all the routine address book stuff
>>and the decider for me was - it also does bar codes for USPS.  I
>>switched to it from the OS 9 version when I changed to 10.2.
>Does Now Contact allow you to save multiple  "Address Books"?
>I have several long mailing/organizational lists which I like to 
>keep in separate files. Those lists then have separate categories of 
>contacts so I can generate different mailings.  I fear putting them 
>all in the OS X Address Book would be too confusing to manage.
>Classic will remain a necessity until I can replace Address Book.


Yes you can have multiple address books in Now Contact.


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