[X4U] Now Contact

Jim Hartneady jhartnea at mitre.org
Mon Mar 21 07:22:33 PST 2005

I'm not really sure, I've never had the need to set one up.  I don't 
see why not.  I usually just assign a category and use that for 
generating a mailing list.

Here is the URL http://www.nowsoftware.com/


On Mar 20, 2005, at 22:24, x4u-request at listserver.themacintoshguy.com 

> Does Now Contact allow you to save multiple  "Address Books"?
> I have several long mailing/organizational lists which I like to keep
> in separate files. Those lists then have separate categories of
> contacts so I can generate different mailings.  I fear putting them all
> in the OS X Address Book would be too confusing to manage.
> Classic will remain a necessity until I can replace Address Book.

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