[X4U] Panther's Application Keyboard Shortcuts

Jerry Krinock jerry at ieee.org
Wed Mar 30 10:23:35 PST 2005

Has anyone tried to use the Application Keyboard Shortcuts in Panther?

You open System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts, scroll
down to Applications, click the "+" to Add, choose the application, then
fill in the ("exact") menu item name, then type your keyboard shortcut and
click Add.  It adds to the list.

I have done this several times in different applications, both Carbon and
Cocoa.  But when I subsequently go to the application and type my shortcut,
I always get only an alert tone and never the expected menu action.

Did Apple ship a feature which is completely broken, or am I too old to
figure out simple things?  If anyone has ever gotten one of these to work,
please let us know which step I am omitting or mistaking.

I have QuicKeys X2 installed.  That might be interfering with it, but I also
tried it once on another Mac which is fairly clean, and it didn't work there

One strange thing about the design is that it seems you should also have to
fill in the menu name instead of just the menu item; i.e. "Window > Zoom"
instead of just "Zoom".  What if there are two menus with the same item?
How would the system know?  But there is no field for the menu name.

Jerry Krinock
San Jose, CA   USA

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