[X4U] Thoughts on Spotlight?

Michael Elliott michaelelliott at mac.com
Sun May 1 07:48:07 PDT 2005

You know, this has been driving me crazy as well.  I've installed  
Tiger a couple of times on a couple of machines, and i know that at  
one time if I opened the Spotlight window and clicked on a searched  
item, the bottom of the window would show the file path.  But now, it  
doesn't seem to.

Anyone know how to turn off/on this feature?


On May 01, 2005, at 9:1621 AM, Robert Ameeti wrote:

>> Personally, when using the Spotlight window (Option+Command+Space  
>> bar) I would like to see a direct path when clicking on a file  
>> instead of having to click the "i" button.  Similar to what you  
>> get when you run a spotlight search in a Finder window.
> When you select a file in the results window, isn't the path shown  
> at the bottom what you want?

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