[X4U] DeLocalize Your Fonts

John Lyon jelyon at mac.com
Sat May 28 16:54:29 PDT 2005

Heh. No need. I ran it on 10.3.9 and removed 900 MB of localization stuff I
didn't need.

But if Apple changed stuff, it could break Mike's app - no matter how well
he wrote it...and it would be no fault of his. Nor of Apple's necessarily.
(But more Apple's fault than Mike's, IMO)

On 5/28/05 1:36 PM, "Kunga" <Kunga at FutureMedia.org> either wrote, forwarded
or quoted:

> I meant ... As long as the font part of the system stays the same. I
> repeat, Bombich would have posted a warning if Tiger broke it. Ask
> around here if you think something might be wrong with it or you need
> consolation and reassurance.
> <http://forums.bombich.com/> or just ask him yourself <mike at bombich.com>
> k

John Lyon

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