[X4U] Re: YIPPEE! - Quad 2.5 GHz

Paul Moortgat paul.moortgat at pandora.be
Wed Oct 19 23:01:31 PDT 2005

Now there's a quad means that over a year there must be a better one  
in Intel style.  Apple can't sell less speedier Macs than this.  It  
might be an Intel DP, it must be faster and cheaper.
Is this a toad in a basket for Intel in the way "you must be faster  
or we keep selling these"?
And these 512 MB of ram is a good point. It's to less, so people will  
buy an extra 1 GB, so they've at least 1.5 GB.  If Apple should sell  
them with 1 GB, a lot of people would do nothing and it would stay  
that way.  But with 1.5 a Mac works better, people is happier.  And  
that count.  They will forget they paid an extra 1 GB.

And over a few months there will be a quad 2.7.

Paul Moortgat

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