[X4U] Firewire

Linda XPressoBean at mac.com
Mon Jan 1 19:13:58 PST 2007

On 1/1/07 8:48 PM, Eddie Hargreaves wrote:

> FireWire 800 has not been deprecated. It is on the current Mac Pro, MacBook
> Pro and the 24-inch iMac.

It was not always on all of those machines; look back one year ago. It was
not on the MacBook Pro, for example.


> The second concern is the lack of a firewire 800 port. The Mac Book Pro has a
> single FW-400 port, but no FW-800. I've got FW-800 now on my G4 powerbook, and
> I do in fact use it.


> I was concerned about the lack of a FW 800 port, and was told that the reason
> was that all the ports on the machine ...

>  No Intel based manufacturer that I am aware of supports FireWire 800, and
> Apple didn't feel the need or didn't have the time to develop new hardware.

> As with FW800, it seems that Intel has been assisting in designing and
> building the motherboards so FW800 was dropped since it's not on the official
> Intel config. Also, Apple is supporting the Intel developed standard USB fully
> (iPod and now MacBook). I wouldn't be surprised that Apple drops FW800, FW1600
> and FW3200 (remember those? )

>  Can anyone update me on why there seems to be no firewire 800 on the new
> machines?

>  The lack of a FireWire 800 port on the MacBook Pro - on what dark night of
> the soul was this name born? - is bad enough. But for me the really
> disappointing thing is that it has not been replaced by a second FW 400 port:
> it has just disappeared, giving the MacBook Pro the same connectivity as a
> funky-coloured 1999 iBook.


So forgive me for not knowing exactly what computer the OP was going to be
buying in the future, or for thinking that possibly he might not have FW800
on it, since not everyone buys brand spanking new computers! And forgive me
for remembering the outrage when FW800 was NOT part of the MacBook Pro.

Now that you've set me straight, what's *your* answer for the original
poster's question?


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