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The problem is that Apple changed their method during one of their OS  
upgrades. I think it was Tiger but I could be wrong. Before, when you  
inserted a blank CD or DVD the computer created a sort of "temporary  
partition" for it (I don't know the technical aspect, this is just  
the way I saw it) If you checked your HD space some of it was missing  
due to the blank media using it. When you dragged files onto a CD or  
DVD in the finder they would in fact be copied, in full, to this new  
partition. Then after you burnt the disk the OS would release the  
temporary partition and you would have your HD space back. Then Apple  
changed things and now inserting a blank CD or DVD creates a "burn  
folder". I see now, after reading the weekly tip, that the files  
dragged to the disk are Aliases that reference the actual files at  
the time of burning and that this method is somehow more efficient  
than the old way. But for someone like me who's been burning disks on  
Mac since OS 8, if not earlier, it was strange to see Aliases added  
when I dragged my files over. As I stated in my first post, if you  
hold the Option key while dragging your files over they do in fact  
get copied to the burn folder. I don't know if that compromises the  
efficiency or not.

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On 11-Jan-07, at 1:55 AM, Stroller wrote:

> On 11 Jan 2007, at 02:33, Eddie Hargreaves wrote:
>> On 1/9/07 3:02 PM, John Erdman <jperdman at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>> And by pure concidence this happens to be the Mac OSX "tip of the
>>> week" that shows up on my screen saver.
>>> http://www.apple.com/pro/tips/burningaliases.html
>> Yeah, the Tiger method of burning CDs and DVDs via the Finder  
>> sucks. If they
>> have to run a Pro Tip just to explain its basic functionality,  
>> then it's no
>> good.
> That Pro Tip seemed redundant to me.
>> Mark, you're not the only person who has assumed that it burns
>> aliases. I read criticism from a switcher about it online.
> I'm surprised! I didn't know what an alias was before I switched,  
> and I have used them surely on only a handful of occasions. CD- 
> burning in Finder (did they add it in 10.3??) has always "just made  
> sense" to me, and I never thought of the icons on the disk as being  
> "aliases" but instead "shortcut icons indicating the files that are  
> going to be burned".
> In fact the drag-n-drop CD-burning in Windows XP is remarkably  
> similar to Finder's CD-burning, and I'd expect anyone who has  
> undertaken that to find OS X's CD-burning seamless. I'm pretty sure  
> I learned them the other way around (OS X first) myself, but the  
> only difference in XP is that the icons-indicating-the-files-that- 
> are-going-to-be-burned are not identical to Windows' shortcut icons  
> - just very similar.
> Stroller.
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