[X4U] Migrate without Firewire link.

Michael J. Prevost mprevost at dot4.com
Fri Jan 19 14:40:17 PST 2007


I think that Russell is suggesting that you temporarily move the iMac 
G5's internal drive to the Firewire enclosure. Then connect  the 
Firewire enclosure to the new Mac and run the Migration Assistant. 
Then return the drive to the old iMac.

Another variant: Connect your external USB the iMac G5. Run a disk 
cloner to make the USB drive a copy of the iMac internal drive. Now 
move the disk drive out of the USB enclosure and into the Firewire 
enclosure. Plug Firewire enclosure into the new Mac and run Migration 

As far as system files are concerned... Migration Assistant will know 
what to copy and what to  leave behind. It will capture the important 
configuration files, preferences, etc., etc. Applications that are 
PPC  only will also be copied and since they can be executed on the 
new Mac via Rosetta.

Once you resolve the Firewire connection, the rest should go smoothly.


>The "old" iMac G5 still works just fine except that the Firewire
>ports don't work.  I'm passing it on to my wife who doesn't need or
>want all the bells and whistles. So I'm not planning to remove the
>old drive.
>I do have an external drive (USB 2) that I can write to. But it's USB
>not firewire. I do have a Firewire only enclosure that I could move
>the HD to. I.e. write on the HD with USB, move the HD to the FW
>enclosure, then
>connect the migration assistant to the FW drive enclosure.  That what
>you had in mind?
>I could see this work except:
>The question I'd have is exactly what do I write over to the external
>HD (besides the USER folders) ? Which system files should be
>included.? Aren't the system files for the MacTel version of OS X
>different that the files used by the G5 machines.?
>  > John;
>  >	Barrow or buy a firewire enclosure, and use that to do the
>  > migration assistant [ or if the new Mac supports multiple drives,
>  > just install the old drive in the new Mac and migrate from there ].
>  >
>  > Russell
>  >
>  > On Jan 19, 2007, at 12:37 PM, John Erdman wrote:

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