[X4U] Migrate without Firewire link.

Russell McGaha RussellMcGaha at mac.com
Fri Jan 19 14:46:56 PST 2007

	Just take the drive out of the G5, place into the enclosure, attach  
to the new Mac, do the migration assistant, re-install the drive back  
into the G5, job done.

On Jan 19, 2007, at 3:58 PM, John Erdman wrote:

> The "old" iMac G5 still works just fine except that the Firewire  
> ports don't work.  I'm passing it on to my wife who doesn't need or  
> want all the bells and whistles. So I'm not planning to remove the  
> old drive.
> I do have an external drive (USB 2) that I can write to. But it's  
> USB not firewire. I do have a Firewire only enclosure that I could  
> move the HD to. I.e. write on the HD with USB, move the HD to the  
> FW enclosure, then
> connect the migration assistant to the FW drive enclosure.  That  
> what you had in mind?
> I could see this work except:
> The question I'd have is exactly what do I write over to the  
> external HD (besides the USER folders) ? Which system files should  
> be included.? Aren't the system files for the MacTel version of OS  
> X different that the files used by the G5 machines.?
> John
>> John;
>> 	Barrow or buy a firewire enclosure, and use that to do the  
>> migration assistant [ or if the new Mac supports multiple drives,  
>> just install the old drive in the new Mac and migrate from there ].
>> Russell
>> On Jan 19, 2007, at 12:37 PM, John Erdman wrote:
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