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Randy B.Singer randy at macattorney.com
Fri Jan 26 14:49:48 PST 2007

Robert Ameeti said:

>Why was Apple's lack of interest the death blow of that list? I would 
>have thought you were doing it for your readers and such.

I don't have unlimited time to do Mac-related things for no monetary 
return.  I have to make a living also, and I already do a lot of 
Mac-related things.

When Apple expressed an interest in the law office market and the medical 
market a few years ago, we discussed several things that they would like 
to see.  But, as has been the case many times in the past when I have 
dealt with Apple, most of what I was told was just talk, and Apple was 
really hoping that I would invest huge amounts of time doing work for 
their benefit, for no return whatsoever.

My time is valuable.  Apple is a (successful) company, not a charity.  If 
they want me to do things for them above and beyond what I am willing to 
do in my free time, they need to compensate me, if only in a small way.  
Otherwise I am just letting myself be taken advantage of.  And I _am_ 
stupid enough to let myself be taken advantage of...but only to a point.

Randy B. Singer

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