[X4U] Inadvertent Double Clicks--A Follow-Up

David R. Boag spikedds at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 1 18:37:19 PDT 2007

Just to let everyone know, I ended up going to the Apple Store this  
weekend to see the iPhone. I didn't get one, although I was  
REEEEEEALLY tempted to. Instead, on the advice of this forum, I  
purchased a Bluetooth Mightly mouse, and I must say that so far I am  
extremely impressed. This is the first mouse made by Apple that  
actually met my expectations. Uninstalled Microshaft's Intellipoint  
software, and the problem is gone.

I had no idea this thing had two-button sensors for the main two plus  
the scroll button to boot. I LIKEY!

Thanks for the recommendations everyone.
David R. Boag, DDS
spikedds at bellsouth.net

On Jun 20, 2007, at 12:04 AM, David R. Boag wrote:

> Intel MacMini w/ 10.4.9 and Microsoft Intellipoint Explorer 3.0. I  
> have been having increasingly more double and now triple clicks  
> with this mouse. I just upgraded the driver and that didn't help.  
> Any suggestions?
> --
> David R. Boag, DDS

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