[X4U] Bragging Rights for Shawn

Shawn King shawn at yourmaclifeshow.com
Sat Jul 7 14:21:58 PDT 2007

On 7/7/07 4:54 PM, "Ronald Steinke" <ronsteinke at mac.com> wrote:

> On 7 Jul, 2007, at 11:30 AM, Shawn King wrote:
>> Shawn King (sent from my iPhone!)
> Everybody must now acknowledge that Shawn has "bragging rights"
> 'cause he (I think) is the first to indicate that he spent more money
> than I can afford to right now.

LOL It gets worse - we bought *2*. :)

But I justify it by saying, because of my show, I need to be "better
informed" than my audience.....No? OK..how about this?

Macworld.com paid me to write an article:

Ahead of the iPhone launch (we had access to an iPhone before the official
launch) and to go to the 5th Ave Apple Store to shoot video:

So the two iPhones cost less than they normally would have. :)

> How is it performing, Shawn?

Even with the various (mostly minor) issues, I'm using it even more than I
expected and enjoying it a lot.

> Did you have any of the problems in activation that I have read about?

Yup - 6 of us bought iPhones at the same time. 5 of them had their phones
activated within 30 mins. It took *26+* hrs for mine to be activated. :(

Shawn King (sent from my iPhone!)
Host/Executive Producer
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