[X4U] AppleTalk with Airport

Jeff Johnson jrj1120 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 05:15:38 PDT 2007

AppleTalk can only be enabled on one port (Ethernet or Airport) at a
time. More info:

AirPort troubleshooting guide

AppleTalk Does Not Work After Being Enabled

Mac OS X: "No AppleTalk printers are available" Message

jrj1120 at gmail.com

On 7/30/07, Ralph <ralph at avatarbiz.com> wrote:
> Our shop uses several macs on an Airport network for printing to
> laser printers and internet access. All are running up-to-date OS X
> and working splendidly.
> On two recent occasions I've tried to set up Intel PowerBooks to
> print using our Airport for wireless access. Both times, though I
> turned AppleTalk on for Airport in the Network Prefs and the machine
> was seeing the Internet, it could *not* see our laser printers in
> Printer Setup Utility. When I plugged each directly into our Ethernet
> router and switched AppleTalk to the Ethernet port, the printers
> showed up. But nothing I did would make them appear when using Airport.
> Wassup? And how do I fix it?
> Ralph Jones
> Avatar Community Business Center
> Fairfax, California
> ralph at avatarbiz.com
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