[X4U] anyone have a MacBook Colorsync icc profile handy?

Michael Elliott michaelelliott at mac.com
Wed Jun 13 19:54:50 PDT 2007

I thought I was going blind...my display just seemed washed out,  
almost like the gamma setting is way off.

I went into the Displays system pref and selected color, thinking to  
recalibrate a profile. I can't seem to select a profile, and there is  
nothing there that is native to the MacBook.  I'm on 10.4.9 on a  
first-generation MacBook.

When I try to create or recalibrate, I get the message "Cannot  
calibrate the display. The factory profile for the display could not  
be found."

Can someone out there mail me their icc profile from a MacBook?

Thanks :-)


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