[X4U] Indexing CDs & DVDs

Doug McNutt douglist at macnauchtan.com
Tue Jun 19 09:35:18 PDT 2007

At 09:57 -0400 6/19/07, Mark Des Cotes wrote:
>I've been given a spool of aprox 75 mixed CDs and DVDs. I need to  somehow create a searchable index of their contents to make it easier  to find the files they contain. Any recommendations of a good app for  this?

In OS-8 and 9 or so it was possible to ask Sherlock to perform a content indexing operation on a CD-ROM. If you were writing CD's is was also possible to place the content index file on the CD itself.

I have not been able to put an index on a CD-ROM in OS 10.3.9 and I can't use 10.4 but Spotlight ought to be worth a try. I think all OS neXt content indexing expects to put index data on the boot drive.

If it's just "content" of the disks as file names and perhaps sizes try

man ls

in Terminal.app.

Oh - Do you mean music and television disks? If so nevermind. I initially thought "spool" was a type of file too.

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