[X4U] Strange language

Roy van der Westhuizen roy at ion.co.za
Wed Jun 20 00:23:08 PDT 2007

Thanks Mark. It was exactly that. Linda also mailed me yesterday and  
said she though it was a font issue. The previous day I had re- 
allowed Suitcase to start on opening up after having it turned off  
for quite some time and also allowed it to override system fonts. I  
think that is where the problem lay as when I re-fired the machine  
today, it was correct, including my BBC News widget.



On 19 Jun 2007, at 6:34 PM, Mark Des Cotes wrote:

> I've had a similar problem and it turned out to be a font issue.  
> Are you running any font management software such as Suitcase? If  
> so, make sure it is running before you start Mail. When I start  
> mail before my font management program I get the same "foreign  
> language" that you describe. It affects Safari and a few other apps  
> as well. It all boils down to needing a certain font installed but  
> I don't know which one. I think it's a Lucida font but I'm not 100%  
> sure.
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> On 19-Jun-07, at 7:26 AM, Roy van der Westhuizen wrote:
>> Hello Listees,
>> I use Mail 2.1 on 10.4.9 on my PPC PB and it is acting strange,  
>> having just sent a message in a foreign language I am unfamiliar  
>> with. I tried duplicating a snippet of it in the body of this  
>> message but then it came over as English (at least I could then  
>> read it!). Yesterday I noticed the BBC News widget started doing  
>> the same thing. Again, when I put my cursor over a scrolling news  
>> item, the story highlight is shown in English. After that occasion  
>> I proceeded to use Monolingual and remove all except the various  
>> English iterations and one or two other languages like French and  
>> German.
>> Can anyone help?
>> Please reply off-list as I only get the digest and being 6 hours  
>> ahead of US East Coast time, it makes for a long wait.
>> Regards,
>> Roy
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