[X4U] Inadvertent Double Clicks

Daly Jessup jessup at san.rr.com
Fri Jun 22 04:59:56 PDT 2007

At 5:43 AM -0400 6/22/07, Tim Collier wrote:

>I was a PC user from 1984 to 2001 and used various versions of 2 
>button mice, 3 button mice, mice with scroll-wheels, trackballs, 
>name it and I used it.  Over all of those years, the pain that I 
>used to feel in my right arm after several hours of heavy usage 
>would become intense.  The tip of my right index finger is actually 
>deformed after all of those years of left clicking (I could show you 
>When I switched over to the Mac in 2001 and started using a single 
>button mouse, I was EXTREMELY pleased with how it felt and worked.  
>The pain that I used to experience was gone.  Control clicking to 
>simulate a right click became second nature.
>When I saw the mighty mouse release, I was a bit hesitant to even 
>try it.  But when I bought my Mac Pro, the mighty mouse came with it 
>and I figured I'd give it a try.  After a few days use, I really 
>came to like it.  Apple's design is (this man's opinion) perfect. 
>It still has the feel of the single button mouse but you can right 
>click with it too and it doesn't have the feel of the old PC mice 
>that I used to use.  The scroll wheel on the top is nice too.  I've 
>been using it for the past 7 months now and still no re-occurrence 
>of the old arm problem.  Mighty Mouse gets my vote.

The one I really love for comfort and "feel good" is the 
two-button-plus-scrollwheel Kensington Mouse In a Box. About $12, a 
five-year warranty they honor "no questions asked" and incredibly 
comfortable to use, with the best software on the market.

My only beef with the MightyMouse is the anemic Mouse software in the 
system, and the fact that there is no divider between left and right 
buttons so you have to learn to be careful to click far enough to the 
right. I still get my share of accidental right clicks when I meant 
to left click.  Why can't there be a tactile signal when you have 
passed over the invisible divide between left and right?


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