[X4U] .Mac Homepage Public Folder

Neil lists at mac.com
Wed Jun 4 12:29:45 PDT 2008

I uploaded a sample file to my .mac home page public folder.  I asked  
a friend who uses Windows XP to try to download the file.  He sees it  
there and clicks on the download button but instead of starting the  
download, the site gives him an error message:

"We're sorry,
but we can't find the HomePage you've requested. It's possible that:
·	The address was entered incorrectly. Check your spelling and try  
·	The .Mac member of this name has either created a page and removed  
it or has never published a HomePage.
There is no .Mac member of this name. If you'd like this member name  
for yourself, sign up for a .Mac account right now and have your own  
HomePage in minutes."

It happens to him every time.  Does anybody have any ideas why or what  
I can do about it?  Thanks.
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