[X4U] Re: How much can it cost

Technophobic_Tom at comcast.net Technophobic_Tom at comcast.net
Fri Jun 6 19:07:55 PDT 2008

On 6/6/08, Paul Moortgat wrote:

>To place the icons from a 30" screen on a 24" screen, they've to 
>move somewhere. But when I return to my G5, they all are on their 
>normal place. I just leave them where they are.  Scrambled in some 

Write a little script doing the following:
1. Select all the items on the DeskTop that will be appearing there 
2. Click-'n-hold on one of icons.
3. Move the whole collected selection ever so slightly in any direction.
4. Then click on any clear space on the DeskTop.
5. Turn this into an application (applet).

Establish two such scripts. One for each screen size.

What the script does:
1. Selects the icons wherever on the DeskTop they may be.
2. & 3. Moves the icons from the position they were to the new 
location, i.e., the location you want them "permanently."
4. Allows you to run the script from the Finder.

If you remove any of the icons from the DeskTop, the script will stop 
with an error saying something couldn't be found. So if you plan to 
remove anything save the script in standard form before you save it 
as an application. Heck, do it anyway. Standard form can be edited; 
application form can't.

Before you start, open the Script Editor (in the AppleScript folder) 
and read the Help file.

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