[X4U] Re: telephones, ipods, and who knows what next

Wayne Clodfelter wayneclodfelter at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 16 16:42:33 PDT 2008

Michael Elliott wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> Those people will be just fine without buying a new TV.  If they're on 
> cable, then no difference.  If they're on over-the-air broadcasts, then 
> they'll just need a set-top box to receive the signal on their 1982 
> Zenith Color TV :-)
> After hearing my wife curse over and over last night about trying to 
> watch the Tonys on our Cox digital cable, I can attest that I have seen 
> MUCH more signal issues with digital TV than I ever did with regular 
> analog.  No, I couldn't watch an HDTV channel with analog.  But on our 
> Cox cable in the periphery of their coverage area, we get a lot of 
> digital artifacts/garbled audio/frozen video for a half a second or so.  
> I wonder why our digital TV doesn't buffer the signal until it's 
> "perfect" before showing it to our screen?  I never get digital 
> artifacts with HULU.com
> Which brings us back to the original issue of technological progress:  
> if it works great for you, then no reason to upgrade :-)
> Michael
> On Jun 16, 2008, at 6:40 AM, Tim Collier wrote:
>> instead of opting for a computer with a word processor or those who are
>> still opting to hold on to their analog TV's and avoid an HDTV (you're in
>> for an unpleasant surprise next February)) that's all well and good if it
>> works for you.  I do have to point out that you are isolating yourself 
>> from
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Day 2 and counting since this thread left it's subject. Please change 
the subject so I can avoid any more of this nonsense.


Wayne Clodfelter
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