[X4U] Remote Access to Mobile Laptop - Any Solution

Neil Laubenthal neil at laubenthal.net
Wed Feb 4 03:14:03 PST 2009

The ssh tunnel trick in the other reply also works . . . but it's a  
lot more geeky to set up and trickier for a non technical user to  
establish . . .although it can be turned into a double clickable  
terminal file for the user. You won't know on your end that the user  
needs support though . . . unless he calls you on the phone. LogMeIn  
is actually the easiest way to make sure that the laptop is always  
available to you if it has internet access.

The big difference between LogMeIn and Timbuktu (besides the cost) is  
that LogMeIn is a 3 way VPN through their server. TBK2 just uses their  
server to assist in the laptop and your client being able to find/talk  
to each other directly.

On Feb 4, 2009, at 06:08, Neil Laubenthal wrote:

> I can think of a couple easy options . . . although I'm sure with  
> more thought there are likely more.
> TimbuktuPro - you can set the laptop to register itself with the  
> Timbuktu server when it comes online and it will show up on the  
> World List (I think that's what it's called) in the Timbuktu Pro  
> console. This works fine but I think it might have needed an  
> outgoing port opened.
> LogMeIn - If you install LogMein (www.logmein.com) on the laptop it  
> will login to their server via port 443 (which is always open on a  
> NAT router unless it was specifically closed which will break  
> https). LogMein is cool . . . it establishes a three way VPN between  
> the browser on your support machine and the client. It ranges from  
> free to a few bucks a month depending on which features you need/want.
> BacktoMyMac is also a possibility; but this is trickier since you  
> need a PnP capability in the NAT router.
> On Feb 4, 2009, at 04:52, Rick Gordon wrote:
>> I would like to find a way to access a laptop (for support  
>> purposes) which will be mobile and connecting from different  
>> Internet cafés or other locations where the preconfiguration of a  
>> NAT router to a known local IP number is not possible.
>> The laptop has dynamic IP software installed, so it will phone home  
>> with the current WAN IP number with which it would be connected to  
>> at any given time. But how, with Timbuktu, Apple Remote Access,  
>> VNC, GoToMyPC, or whatever, might I be able to access it behind a  
>> NAT router (what I assume to be the most likely scenario) which  
>> won't have any port forwarding set up, and with which we will have  
>> no administrative control?
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