[X4U] Remote Access to Mobile Laptop - Any Solution

Neil Laubenthal neil at laubenthal.net
Wed Feb 4 07:22:00 PST 2009

> My understanding is that LogMeIn remote would do it (at $129/month),  
>  assuming that the administrative computer is running Windoze. (The   
> client computer can be a Mac.)

LogMeIn free will do it . . . create an account at LogMeIn's site and  
join both the laptop and your management workstation to the group . .  
.you can then connect to the laptop whenever it is online. Conversely  
. . .you could install the client on the laptop and tell the user via  
phone or email or whatever to enable the client when they need help;  
that will give them a little better feeling that you're not spying on  
them. They will get a "this computer is being controlled by xxx"  
dialog regardless. The paid LogMeIn options offer additional  
capabilities which might be worth the money, there is a comparison  
page of the various plans on their site.

I have my file server at home on LogMeIn and it signs in at login (the  
server stays logged in but screen locked all the time so that Time  
Machine will do it's thing). As long as outgoing port 443 is open  
(which it is by default on any NAT router or else the internet won't  
work) the client (in this case your mobile laptop) will connect to  
LogMeIn's server . . .even with the free version. You then bring up a  
browser on any workstation, connect to the LogMeIn account, and select  
the laptop for connection. The workstation you are using does not have  
to be registered with LogMeIn . . . only the machines you're trying to  
connect to.

The plan comparison page is at  
https://secure.logmein.com/productcomparison.asp. The Pro option costs  
$69 per year for each computer you want to connect to . . .but only if  
you need the additional options Pro provides. For simple remote  
control only . . . Free will work fine.

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