[X4U] FireWire and low end Macs

Ken Johnson kenjohnso at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 15:30:52 PST 2009

Firewire is a very big deal!  It's how I connect my Macs together for  
major syncs/transfers, and it's my preferred connection for external  
drives (even the ones that also have usb2) for extended storage or  


On Feb 5, 2009, at 6:03 PM, Joe Sporleder wrote:

> How big of a deal is FireWire to the folks on this list? We are a  
> small publishing company that utilizes Mac minis for a lot of our  
> stuff, mainly light color photo processing in Photoshop, and using  
> Creator to design and paginate our printed products. For most of our  
> stuff, Mac minis, a couple of MacBooks and MacBook Pros for the  
> sales staff, is the total of our computing power. When we buy a new  
> machine for the office to replace an older computer, and FireWire  
> target disk mode and the Migration app come in handy to move  
> workstations around. We do have one G4 tower still in use, and a  
> couple of  PowerMac G5's - one is an OS X Server and the other a  
> work station. I would like to retire the PowerMacs from production  
> (but keep the G5's as servers), and move to all Intel Macs so that  
> we can take full advantage of Snow Leopard when it comes out. Mac  
> Pros are way overkill for our basic needs.

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