[X4U] iPhone (GPS) Time Stamp Format

Robert Salter robert.salter at comcast.net
Sat Feb 7 15:32:04 PST 2009

I have a photo/image taken on an iPhone (3G). The GPS information in 
the Preview application (inspector menu) shows a Time Stamp of 
11:10:56.63. Can anyone explain to me what the ".63" at the end of 
the time stamp format represents? Could the ".63" represent 63/100 of 
a second? I was also thinking that this format may have something to 
do with a "standard" (GPS) geo-tagging, EFIX or UNIX protocol. I 
could use a cited reference for this time stamp format since I may 
have to explain this in a court of law. Unfortunately, Apple has not 
responded, Thank you in advance for your suggestions and/or comments.
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