[X4U] Online banking

David Ledger dledger at ivdcs.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 10 14:25:50 PST 2009

At 22:09 +0000 10/2/09, John Masters wrote:
>On 10 Feb 2009, at 22:00, Christopher Collins wrote:
>>  Perhaps the best idea might be to ask HSBC?
>Why? HSBC have changed nothing. It's Apple that have made the change 
>that caused the problem.
>  Anyone have any ideas?

Does it not work, or are you just worried by the warning?

Not much point in asking either Apple or HSBC. Neither would give you 
the real answer, in fact the only people you could ask won't know the 
answer and those that know will be 'restricted by security'. If it's 
an Apple problem it will get fixed - eventually. It could also be 
that HSBC were presenting non-compliant pages and Apple have removed 
some looseness. Few non-simple web pages are 100% compliant, and no 
browser implements the standard perfectly, but some are closer than 


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