[X4U] Evil Google

Earle Jones earle.jones at comcast.net
Sat Feb 21 10:22:07 PST 2009

On Feb 20, 2009, at 10:29 PM, Ed Gould wrote:


> Thanks for explaining it to me. I have seen the disabled next to  
> folders but not files. But I guess it would be the same.
> As to the Mac vs MAC I would like to apologize I have a health  
> condition that really impairs my typing and other issues (like  
> spelling) BTW I noticed that I had 5 typos in the first part of the  
> sentence and I had to go back and change the errors. Again I  
> apologize. Email used to be easy but with stopping and having to  
> look for misspelled words it cuts my response time to a crawl.
> Ed

Ed:  Is your MAC health condition "Mycobacterium Aveum Complex"?


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