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Neil Laubenthal neil at laubenthal.net
Sun Feb 22 07:36:50 PST 2009

WeatherPop maybe? There's both a free and paid version (WeatherPop  
Advanced). It puts a weather icon in your menubar if that helps to  
identify it.
On Feb 22, 2009, at 01:19, Ed Gould wrote:

> A friend who did some work on my computer has managed to loose one  
> of my apps .
> It was freeware and then paid upgrade for the pro line.
> Unfortunately I cannot for the life me remember what the name of the  
> software was.
> What I can tell you it had a list of all US weather stations (all  
> over the world) and it would pull down radar data for the area you  
> asked for. There were many small options that you could change the  
> map to. My memory is gone on this one but I do remember distinctly  
> that at each start up you had to enter the weather station location.  
> And about once a minute it would pull from the information from the  
> radar information .
> The did have a PRO version so you did not have to reenter the  
> city .I did not upgrade it but have not made the leap yet.
> Does anyone of any ideas, I know I am not telling you everything as  
> a lot of the terms in it were typical weatherman talk.
> I thought I had the name but it has totally disappeared off  of my  
> system My searches with notlight have been futile.
> The only addition bit of information I can offer is that one of the  
> options was to display dopler information.
> Ed
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