[X4U] Intermittent system lock up & MAIL.APP question

Ed Gould edgould1948 at comcast.net
Sat May 9 10:42:28 PDT 2009

I have been having this issue, I think since I went to 10.4.11.

The problem is that the while unattended the system locks up tighter  
than ....
It is also very intermittent. I may go for weeks without issue then  
it will hit me twice in one day.
The symptoms: G5 the fans are revved up to their highest speed and  
the power saver is in effect. Mail still gets retrieved right up to  
the point where the system hangs.
When the mouse or keyboard is moved (or touched) the system does not  
come out of power save mode it just sits there. The only solution is  
to do a system reboot.
I have running: Ical Hogwasher Safari (sometimes more on that in next  
item). Hardware monitor, netware monitor Timbukto pro , iweather,  
sometimes Graphic Converter
I thought the problem was related to Safari as the only new thing I  
had activated was RSS . I have turned it off and it happened a little  
less frequently.

So it seems like I have either a bug in the OS or an application  
issue. I have been only rarely sitting at the computer when it has  
happened. I was using Graphic Converter at the time but it might have  
been innocent, I do not know.

Yes I have tried doing a force but that does not even get  
acknowledges as like I said the system is in a TIGHT (what I call  
loop) and it seems to uninterruptible as again the power save mode  
cannot brighten the screen even.

The small issue is that when this starts email cannot retrieve email  
from the server and so some email bounces  because I have a LOT of  
email coming in randomly through the day.

i tried not running safari and like I said it has decreased (lock  
ups) a little.

My mail.app question/problem comes up only when I am having issues  
with the COMCAST ISP. mail tries to send a request to get mail and  
then it hangs because the link is down and there is no way to stop  
mail cleanly outside of forcing it. Which I hate to do as sometimes  
it looses its settings and I have to redo them and it takes about a  
day to get it back to the way I want it. is there a away to tell mail  
to forget about it and shut down anyway?


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