[X4U] Help re browser functioning

Peter Saint James peterstj at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 7 07:16:22 PST 2009

On 7  November2009, at 9:10 AM, Jerry Krinock wrote:

> I've seen a couple of cases recently where a person's Safari or  
> Firefox bookmarks file has somehow gotten tens of thousands of  
> duplicate bookmarks with no URLs, and one of these two people told  
> me that this caused a slowdown in Firefox and Safari.

	My experience matches Jerry's.  If it isn't bookmarks, something  
else is hogging resources.  The browser is trying to pull too much  
through the pipe and getting things clogged up.  Some process is  
going on that shouldn't be.

	Another thing to check:  Safari had a problem for a while with RSS  
feeds.  Check to see if it is trying to update dozens of RSS feeds  
without your knowing or wanting it.  That happened to me once.

	Good luck.


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