[X4U] 10.5 instead of 10.6

Paul Moortgat paul.moortgat at pandora.be
Wed Feb 10 14:13:05 PST 2010

Will it give problems to have more than one OS in the same Mac?

Paul Moortgat

On 10 Feb 2010, at 23:03, zapcat wrote:

> On Feb 10, 2010, at 2:00 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
>> Nonsense. Its more than ready. Its not SL's fault if there are some  
>> applications out there that require ancient obsoletel (i.e. Apple  
>> talk) technology ...
> that is one viewpoint. However, most people don't buy a Mac so that  
> they can stare at it and drool, basking in the glow of how cool it  
> might be in theory.
> Most people buy a Mac to do real work. So, if an OS "breaks" a bunch  
> of apps, that doesn't make the OS "modern" and the broken apps  
> "obsolete."
> It simply means that the new OS is not production-ready. Apple  
> itself has essentially admitted that Snow Leopard will have to  
> evolve over time, as any OS or revision does.
> What makes the most sense to me, and what I have done is this:  
> create a Snow Leopard parition, and continue to have partitions for  
> other OS X versions in which everything works. As Snow updaters are  
> released. and application revisions are released, you can add them  
> over time and end up with a functional, production-ready install.
> Not one that's mostly ready, or "ready in theory," if only all the  
> other developers would simply snap-to and fix their apps to work  
> with Snow.
> zc

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