[X4U] The production price of an iPad

Robert Ameeti robert at ameeti.net
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At 7:16 PM +0100, 2/12/10, Paul Moortgat wrote:

>No wonder Apple has 40 billion $ in their vault.
>But I still will pay a price 3 times higher for 
>a product that works than one that doesn't.

How ridiculous to think that they can estimate 
the cost of production from Apple's description 
of the device.

ie. "The least profitable model is the 16-GB iPad 
without 3G network access, which costs $229.35 to 
make and will sell for $499".

When you see a number like that that ends with 
.35¢, it truly shows the that absurdity of their 
guess. Apple's documents do not tell the 
components that make up the iPad. It is only a 
guess at this time. And then too, their 
guesstimate does not include the cost of the 
software development nor the cost of the hardware 
development. Those costs are far more important 
to recognize than the immediate cost of 

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