[X4U] Seeking help with remote printing

Jim Colgate colgatelist at cox.net
Sun Feb 21 13:16:57 PST 2010

Here is the situation: My out of town parents are basically computer  
illiterate, but they do have broad band cable internet service with a  
wireless router and wireless printer for the kids to use when they  
come to visit. Mom calls me a few times a month to have me look up  
something on the internet, and then I either package up the data and  
mail it to them (slow) or try to communicate the info over the phone.

What I would like to do:  I would like to have them turn on the  
printer and then I would print out the information from my computer  
for them on their printer.

I think I will have to open up some ports on their router and point  
them to their printer  -- just not sure which ports and anything else.

Then how do I point my computer to their printer for output?

Hardware/software Configurations:

   Bresnan ISP and modem
   IP via DHCP
   Linksys Wireless Router providing NAT
   HP Deskjet 5850 Wireless Printer

   Cox ISP
   Motorola Modem
   IP via DHCP
   Time Capsule Wireless Router providing NAT
   iMac running 10.5.8

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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