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Dave 69abel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 05:40:03 PST 2010

Yahoo isn not the problem nor the solution. The problem is whatever software that was installed and possibly Firefox. The anti-virus software needs to be setup or configured properly or completely removed. Personally, I'd remove it and try to get a refund as it is obviously defective. 

With regard to Firefox, it is not the only browser on the Mac, so downloading a fresh copy of Firefox would be my first suggestion. Preferences and cache files would be my next suggestion.


On 2010-02-25, at 01:49, Paul Moortgat wrote:

> A friend has this problem for which I can't give much support.  I don't use Yahoo.
> >>
> I'm using my PC because I can't get Firefox to run on my Mac lately. I recently installed a new virus defender program on the Mac. It has quarantined a file "admin.syncdb," which I think is part of Yahoo Sync, which I had activated on my Yahoo.com account. I access Yahoo.com with Firefox on both Mac and PC.
> Firefox won't start on the Mac, so I can't get to Yahoo.com to disable Yahoo Sync. I can't find the offending file to remove it, and I haven't been able to find Yahoo Sync in my Applications folder.
> The Mac is working fine, but I'm locked out of the Internet on it until I can solve the quarantine problem.
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> Paul Moortgat

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