[X4U] Gimme a Mac any day - I need PC help!

alexandre list at kapellos.com
Sun Jan 24 00:50:04 PST 2010

i'm not sure this will help, but you might want to look into it:

winclone: www.twocanoes.com/

regards, alexandre

On Jan 24, 2010, at 05:08 , Conlon Brett wrote:

> Mannnn, working with PC's more and more has made me love Macs all the more.
> I'm looking for a tool which can help me to clone/migrate a Windows XP partition on a USB drive (32GB Fat-32) to my Mac laptop's 75GB NTFS partition.
> I've been searching and testing PC utilities for days and so far have nu lock finding a free or otherwise solution. They either want to clone the entire hard drive to the destination (overwriting what I already have for my partitioning on the Mac) or they can't recognise the NTFS partition on the GUID formatted drive (ie. they don't support GPT).
> I just HAVE to get this working in the next day (pref-next few hrs) or I'm stuffed!!!!
> Many thanks,
> Cojcolds (who was having a grand 40th boofday until this came along <8-{ )
> ps. my original need was to try to get myself a larger WinXP partition to work with (larger than 32GB) due to constantly running out of space but I found I couldn't have more than 2 partitions when using bootcamp (one for MacOS and the other for Windows) so adding another FAT-32 partition was outa the question... I couldn't install Windows onto a FAT-32 partition larger than 32GB (it just won't boot - windows limitation) and so NTFS is the only option left. I imaged my original 32GB FAT-32 partition using Ghost 9 but found that the only way to restore a Ghost image is for it to resize the partition back to 32GB, defeating my initial purpose of obtaining a larger drive so in the end I restored it to an external USB drive and now I want to migrate all the contents to my NTFS partition. I still have the original ghost image if needed, too. When I had to back up the Mac side, I simply used Time Machine which was essentially a single-click function and when I restored the Time Machine backup to the Mac partition I booted off the OSX install disc and restored from a Time Machine Backup - SOOOO EFFFOOORRTTLLEESSSSS!!!!!!!! Hence my email subject...
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